“it was an illumination, the sight of a cameo, contact with the earth and its energy. A light breeze caressing the grass, the embrace of the Caribbean sun…”. That’s where myEbony came from, Bali ebony jewels crafted by a goldsmith and embellished with a splendid hand-etched cameo on a Caribbean Cassis Madagascariensis shell, or complete with a precious stone. Elegance and tribal symbology combine, giving luxury a meaning until now unknown.

Ebony and 18 kt rose gold ring with diamonds and white coral petals.



18 kt rose gold chain-link bracelet with ebony spheres.

myebony 2


Ebony and 18 kt gold, pavè of diamonds and mandarin garnet cabochon.

myebony 3


Rose gold, Saturn discs, diamonds and ebony.

myebony 4